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     "In the 21st century, in terms of technology, economy, especially the macro security, human society puts forward new requirements for fasteners, especially on the mechanical properties of requirements, need comprehensive improvement."
      Since China's reform and opening up, with China's accession to the WTO since the fifth anniversary of China's fastener industry has a rapid development, now China's fastener production ranks first in the world.In recent 10 years, through the joint venture cooperation, learn foreign advanced technology, the introduction of advanced equipment and production technology, management, accumulated experience, exercise talent, make the overall level of China fastener industry has a new ascension.
     However, China's fastener industry in product development, the core technology is always lack of autonomy, the lack of independent research and development and independent innovation ability.Currently, almost all the foreign auto fastener enterprises in a multinational company, have a variety of ways to enter production in our country, they use their advanced technology on the Chinese fasteners market step by step to consolidate their position, take the Chinese fasteners market share, independent development of China's fastener industry a huge challenge, the imperative, not to advance is to go back.
      Today, as people's understanding of enhance the level of China's fastener industry gradually in-depth, more and more people in the industry realized that if to carry on the thinking of "exchanging market with technology", regardless of the enterprise to use no matter how advanced the technology, is always like a weaned child, cannot leave the arms of foreign "mom", leave the will "hungry".China's fastener industry has developed to a certain level, the key question now is in the crucial stage, can no longer rely on others, bold breakthrough raw material defect key technology and cold forming the core technology, that is we should do and should do.
     It was also in this case, the highly unperfect fasteners professional association of China has made a decision, during the period of "11th five-year plan", to enhance the level of industrial technology and independent innovation development of advanced manufacturing technology, encourage universities and colleges, technology research center, research and development institutions into enterprises, play all kinds of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprise innovation vigor, encourage technological innovation and invention, strengthening the technical consultation, technology transfer and other intermediary services.Raw material prices basically stable, give a fastener enterprises provides the opportunity of development, many steel mills are active and fastener enterprises established long-term strategic partnership of cooperation, all of these fasteners enterprise development is big the "green light".
      From the point of growth, the Chinese fasteners market is undoubtedly the most dynamic and growth potential of the world's biggest market.Both private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, in the past year, some ACTS are short-sighted, want to go "shortcut" of the enterprise.New Year, the real cold thinking has not become the norm, if more companies think about how to get to the "next", how to position, this will go a long way, China's fastener industry will tight firmware powers to the fastener power, from the day of made in China to created in China is far behind.


      Fastener enterprises should pay attention to technical innovation, and constantly improve the level of fasteners manufacturing, save energy and protect the environment, to the road of sustainable development."
The past 10 years, the rapid development of China's fastener industry, China has also become a part of the world's factory.Can say, the world's most famous traders are through the Chinese found their OEM, but because most fasteners production extensive management, energy and environment problem more and more attention by people.
Fastener enterprises should pay attention to technical innovation, and constantly improve the level of fasteners manufacturing, save energy and protect the environment, to the road of sustainable development.
      1. Technical sophistication
Fastener manufacturing technology is wide.Now, the domestic fastener products forming, mainly for the "hot forming + (auxiliary machining) + thread processing" and "cold forming + (auxiliary machining) + thread processing" two categories, and adopts automatic forming of cold heading shape as the main mode of production.
      Biggest difference lies in the degree of precision equipment used by both at home and abroad, the control level and additional features, reliability, efficiency, many enterprises has purchased more than work bolts, nuts cold heading machine, from four four to six die cold heading machine and relatively high prices, but worth it.For manufacturing special-shaped products, high precision parts is reflects the technical level of ascension.
      In automatic work more cold heading machine has become the mainstream of the global fastener industry equipment, equipment innovation at home and abroad is bound in the brewing equipment renewal or a new field in some time will come again.
      Fasteners of finished goods clean is very important project.Electroplating fasteners outside of the finished product must be clean, make full use of ultrasonic cleaning, aqueous cleaning, complete cleaning fastener products, again into black, phosphating, oiling.
      2. Less pollution emissions
Discharged to the enterprise production of environmental protection and puts forward the more strict requirements, the drawing working procedure must consider the original old equipment updating and transformation, at the same time, increase the investment to purchase no pollution emissions of high and new technology and equipment, improve the production and the surrounding environment, the phosphorus saponification liquid using recycled waste acid collection, reduce or avoid foreign harmful gas emissions, to create green production environment.
      3. Stable and reliable control of the production process
The cold forming process and tempering, carburizing heat treatment process for production process control system.Because of the cold heading machine high efficiency and continuous mesh belt furnace production, using a special automatic detection equipment, product mix of cracking in irregular, and sorting out the unqualified products, not only can ensure the quality of the finished product, and save manpower and material resources, to simplify the subsequent surface treatment processing, comprehensive economic benefit is obvious.
      4. Equipment maintenance
In fasteners manufacturing process, the stability and reliability of the equipment is one of the important conditions to ensure product quality stability.At present, the domestic and foreign cold heading machine and continuous mesh belt furnace equipment manufacturers more, choose important components according to their standards and manufacture, maintenance and maintenance has brought a lot of inconvenience to the user's.In order to give users with convenient, promote the popularization and application of high-efficiency equipment, high technology proposal equipment manufacturers across the country (mainly fastener production base) establish a spare parts warehouse, to provide rapid technical support and guarantee, in order to reduce the user's worries.
       Since July 1 fastener products export tax rebates from 13% down to 5%, the added value is inherently limited fastener enterprises, first of all, to improve the manufacturing quality and reduce mold cost;Second, reduce the cost of production materials, improve the added value of products for "cutting expenditure".Thus, reliable fastener equipment technical, environmental clean is the first place, especially in the aspect of saving energy, saving operation cost advantage is more outstanding.
       Therefore, under the environment of the construction of a conservation-oriented society, fastener enterprises should be put into a new round of equipment technical climax.


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